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I’d like to welcome you to The Gentleman’s Guide! Where the dopest clothes, music, and culture are brought for every gentleman. With Class and Dignity. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding: Being a gentleman, fashion, on relationships, or really anything in general. I'm an easy going guy who loves to meet new people. Want me to check out your blog? Just say so, I always have a bit of time for my followers. Thanks so much for your continued support and praise. -Omar -The Gentleman's Guide

mai-diaries asked:

Randomly found myself here today.. I miss this, and your writing even more. You're talented & I hope you never lose touch with it!

The Gentleman's Guide answered:

Thanks =] I slowed down with TGG because i realized that it takes no extra skills to reblog photos of other people’s outfits. I don’t have the resources or time for a full blown original style blog, so until I do, I’ll just lurk around here. I like writing, but im a terrible brainstormer and no topic has come to me as of late. Thanks for the encouragement, i appreciate that you think I have some talent =]

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Just wanted to let you know I linked to your site in my article on raising boys to be gentlemen at http://amiebutchko.hubpages.com/hub/12-Parenting-Tips-Raising-Boys-to-Be-Gentlemen.  Good for your SEO :).  Great site!

This means a great deal to me, I have been away from my site for a while, and away from writing for an even longer time. Thank you for re-inspiring me to continue writing my articles!


The Gentleman’s Guide

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Hello Friends,

Once again the busiest shopping season of the year is here, and with most black friday sales starting tomorrow night, I thought I should remind you of some shopping etiquette. 

1. Everything we have is on the floor. Nothing is in the back. Don’t ask.
2. If you pull an item off the rack just to look at it, please just put it back like you found it. It takes you 5 seconds but it takes us 2 hours at the end of the night to clean it up. 
3. Do not wait to get to the register to decide if you want the item or not. make your decision before hand please.
4. Have you payment ready. Don’t waste my time and the time of people waiting in line by trying to find your wallet in that giant purse of yours. 
5. Be patient. It’s the busiest day of the year. We are working 10 hour shifts, some like me working over night, so please treat us like humans.
6. Last but not least, prices are as marked. All signs will say a base price like 14.95 and up. That sign starts with the lowest price on that rack. You are not getting a suit for 15 bucks. read the signs or you’ll wait 20 minutes in line just to hear that its 60 bucks. 

Have a good black friday and please remember to bring your money and manners.

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